Course Syllabus

Welcome to Prof. Köppe's MAT 21B course. The course follows the department syllabus 

Prof. Köppe teaches this course in synchronous remote instruction mode via Zoom. Attendance of the lecture is required; course videos are not provided.

Prof. Köppe invites and encourages you to attend his remote office hours via Zoom or Discord.

Discussion sections are held in person. Attendance is not required. The teaching assistants will announce individually in what form they will hold office hours.

There will be a total of 6 proctored remote (online) exams, including the exam held at the official final exam time; all 6 exams have the same length (50 minutes) and course weight. The lowest score of the 6 exams is automatically dropped. 

The overall course grade is determined as 20% based on attendance and 80% based on the exams.

Curve: Prof. Köppe uses challenging exams that typically lead to a broad distribution of scores. Curving will be used to determine the final grade so that the final letter grade distribution follows the standards of the department.

As preparation for the exams, ungraded homework will be assigned. Basic familiarity with the subject material is not sufficient – it is important to prepare well by working on many problems so that you can solve the exam problems with confidence.

The ungraded homework will be assigned from the textbook, so you will need access to a copy of the correct edition of the book; using a used copy or an e-book is fine. We will not use the publisher's online materials ("MyLab Math") for this class, so you can opt out of the "Equitable Access" program if you don't need it for another class.


Course Summary:

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