MCB 294 001 FQ 2016

MCB 294 001 FQ 2016

Current Progress in Biotechnology

11:00 - 11:50 am on Fridays                                                             

Room: 1022 Life Sciences Building

Requirements for the course:

All students registered for credit (S/U grading) for this course are required to submit a short report (about 3 pages) on the all of the seminars attended (no more than 2 absences allowed), no later than one week after the last seminar of the quarter to Dr. Judith A. Kjelstrom (lead), Prof. Karen McDonald and Prof. Ray Rodriquez (co-instructors).  The report is due by Friday, Dec 9, 2016 at 5 pm and should include (a) the title of the seminar, (b) the speaker’s name, title and company, (c) the date of the seminar and (4) highlights of the seminar including the points of special interest and importance to each individual student and brief but relevant comments and analysis of the lecture (use 10 or 11 point font and single spacing). Remember, this is a graduate level seminar [if the topic is new to you, please do a search (Google is good) before or after the seminar to help you organize your thoughts]. Each seminar summary should be ~1-2 paragraphs (approximately 3-4 pages) A copy of the report (Word Document) should be sent to Dr. Judith Kjelstrom at, Prof. Karen McDonald at and Prof. Ray Rodriguez at


Please be an active participant in the course. Ask questions of the speaker. Talk to the speaker and introduce yourself. Join the speaker for lunch afterwards - be sure to inform Jacki Balderama ( beforehand, so we can make appropriate reservations at the Silo Pub). For DEB students, this is a good way to network and arrange internships.


Announcements and e-mail address:

The topics and speakers will be announced weekly prior to the scheduled seminar via e-mail or campus announcements from the Biotechnology Program as well as posted on the Biotechnology Program website under “seminars”.  Those who registered late must inform the instructor of their e-mail addresses.  Otherwise, the announcements may not reach you in time for the seminars. The seminar schedule can be found on the UC Davis Biotechnology program website:

Should you have any questions about the course, please direct them to:

Judith Kjelstrom, PhD 

office: 0301 Life Sciences

tel:  (530) 752-8228   


Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program                                

Program Coordinator, Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) Graduate Program.

Course Summary:

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