Course Syllabus

ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry

Every students gets a customized "Pie", like the one below, that they need to fill by demonstrating mastery on topics. Students must complete the "ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry" Assignment to 100% Pie Progress, matching the screen shots below. Once students have learned all topics, and completed all assessments, they will be at 100% Pie Progress and will only have "Review" left to do.





ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry is built using Modules. Before students can begin work in ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry, they must read, and agree to, information pertaining to billing and payment for ALEKS.

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Below are events pertaining to the Chemistry Placement Exam*, Summer Orientation, and ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry completion deadlines.

*If you complete ALEKS Preparatory Chemistry to 100% before the ALEKS assignment due date, you do not need take the Chemistry Placement Exam. The Chemistry Placement Exam testing session dates are provided for reference in the event you decide to take the test.

Course Summary:

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