ESP 162 A01-A04 WQ 2023

ESP 162 A01-A04 WQ 2023

Mike Springborn ( website
Professor, Department of Environmental Science & Policy
Office: 2104 Wickson Hall.  Mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall

Office hours: flexible by appointment--just send me an email or ask after class!

Lecture: Teaching and Learning Complex 2215

Discussion: Sciences Lab Building 2060

Teaching Assistants:

Email Lead contact for students with last names

Office hours

Jean Ji A-He Wed., 3-4pm, Zoom
Kyumin Kim Hi-Q Thur., 1-2pm, 2120J Wickson
Anderson Ospino R-Z Tue., 11am-noon, Zoom

If you have a concern please contact just your lead TA (or Prof. Springborn) and we will make sure your concern is addressed. When in doubt, start with your lead TA.  (Please avoid CC'ing additional people except when needed.)



Final exam: March, 20 2023 3:30 PM

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